About Us

We want to change the way people use the computer through an innovative hardware concept. With this concept, we are creating a new  computer peripheral category: NexDock.

NexDock is a 14 inch monitor with built-in battery and bluetooth keyboard that becomes full Laptop with Windows 10 smartphones that support Continuum feature. NexDock is not just for Windows 10 smartphone. Thanks to mini HDMI-in port — the innovative NexDock  let customers get the most out of mini PCs, tablets and more just plugging in.

In the future, we want to design docks with better integrated mini PCs. By separating processor & OS from the displays, we are hoping to start a paradigm shift in consumer electronics, which will enable less electronic waste for environment and a better computer to match your exact needs.

Nex Computer LLC is privately held and based in Bay Area, CA.



emre kosmaz

Emre Kosmaz

Co-Founder, CEO

Emre is the visionary behind the NexDock idea. He is an industrial designer and serial entrepreneur, still providing telecom services with VoIPVoIP.com & QuickPBX.com

yeliz kayacan

Yeliz Kayacan

Co-Founder, COO

Yeliz with BS in Business Administration has 15 years of experience in International business operations. She is also co-founder of MultiPLX.com, a reimagined RSS reader.