The Cool Features of NexDock

The unique design of NexDock brings some advantages such as being more ergonomic, having a built-in kickstand and interchangeable modules. Thanks to its USB Type-C port, the innovative NexDock lets you get the most out of many other devices just by plugging in. 

Ergonomic Design

nexdock ergonomic 2

The docking base works as an ergonomic tablet grip that delivers fatigue reducing posture while increasing flexibility for touchscreen interaction.

Holding 3D Printed Mockup

Built-in Kickstand

Built-in kickstand simply allows a better way to watch videos and typing.

3D printed mockup & 1st gen NexDock

nexdock kickstand

Interchangeable USB-C Modules

nexdock modules

Interchangeable USB-C modules enable ultimate productivity at the office or on-the-go.

Turn Your Smartphone into a Laptop

Thanks to USB Type-C port, the new NexDock will turn the smartphones -which can provide desktop experience when connected to a bigger screens- into a laptop while also charging them.

nexdock with smartphones 1

USB Type-C Enclosure for Raspberry Pi

raspberry pi

We are developing a USB Type-C enclosure for Raspberry Pi, so that it can be connected to NexDock with only one cable creating world’s most affordable laptop.