Road Map

Hi everyone,

These are the last 24 hours to order NexDock. So, it’s also time for a road map to explain what will happen between wrapping up this campaign and putting NexDock in your hands:

April 18-30: We booked our tickets to Shenzhen to meet with our ODM one more time and finalize the terms of the mass production order. We will also review and discuss the details of quality assurance (QA), acceptance, shipment and fulfillment of your NexDocks from Hong Kong.

1st week of May: Anticipating that the funds will be deposited by the first week of May, the firm purchase order (PO) will be placed with our ODM. The lead time for the first release of NexDocks should be around 45 days upon finalization of the PO. This is a tight yet attainable schedule.

1st-2nd weeks of May: The backers’ portal at will be finalized by our team so that it can be ready on time for you to enter your shipping info and pay for shipping. You will be able to track your order and other relevant information through this portal. We will also have a ticketing system for any question that may arise.

2nd week of June: Our team will be back to Shenzhen for the final QA process, certification & shipping procedures. You should all have your NexDocks in hand by the end of June barring any unforeseen circumstances. If any delay occurs, we’ll let you know why and do our best to mitigate.

July 2016: We believe that the success of this campaign will bring new opportunities, connections and external funding to enable us start working on the next version of NexDock. With user feedbacks and all the creative ideas that have been pouring from you, the target release of NexDock v2 in 2017 will hopefully be even a bigger success.

NexDock will not be available on Indiegogo InDemand or through after these last 24 hours. Don’t miss this time window to order extra NexDocks as gifts for friends and family!