Click on the device you intend to use with NexDock to access our support pages. For other devices, please find below Quick Setup Guide and troubleshooting.


Quick Setup Guide


Connect your device to mini-HDMI port on NexDock

Use the mini-HDMI to HDMI cable to connect your device to NexDock and turn your device ON.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If HDMI connection is not detected, NexDock will power off automatically after 5 seconds.


Press and hold power button on NexDock

If you want to power your mini PC from NexDock, connect micro-USB to USB cable to NexDock and press mini PC’s power button.

When using NexDock with your device, if you disconnect mini-HDMI cable NexDock would automatically turn off.


Connect Bluetooth Keyboard and Touchpad

“Caps Lock” led will start blinking when NexDock is in pairing mode.

Turn on bluetooth connection on your device and search for “NexDock Keyboard”. Follow pairing instructions on your device to connect; pairing code is not required.

Problems? Please check troubleshooting