Bluetooth Connection

In case you cannot connect to “NexDock Keyboard” delete it from paired connections on your device and try again. NexDock will always try to connect the last paired device so if you are using NexDock with multiple devices make sure the bluetooth connection is turned off on the device that you are NOT using and try again.

You can also disconnect paired bluetooth connection pressing first Function+Q (to unlock) and then Function+BT (to unpair) on the keyboard.

Display Resolution

NexDock resolution is 1366×768 and some of the USB Type-C to HDMI adapters do not support higher than 720P resolution. NexDock and Lumia 950 smartphone have been tested with USB Type-C to HDMI adapters from Dell, HP & Google and we recommend to use one these adapters.

Some operating systems such as Remix OS also do not support this resolution and to confirm there are no issues with NexDock we recommend to test it with Windows 10 OS.

Low Battery & Power

When battery is low power led starts blinking in orange. Battery level is recognized only when NexDock is connected to a device via bluetooth so if you do not have any device connected via bluetooth you might experience flickering of display due to low battery.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In case NexDock does not turn off for any reason you can force shutdown by pressing and holding power button for 10-15 seconds.

If problems persist, open a new help desk ticket by logging in to the My Account and clicking the “Help Desk>Submit New Ticket” link.