NexDock Questions and Requests

Thank you to all for your kind words and support again!

Regarding many questions and requests, we would like to say a few things: In the beginning, we also wanted NexDock to be lighter, have USB Type-C port, higher resolution display etc. Unfortunately building a device from ground up required a few more millions of dollars in R&D and tooling than we anticipated:) It is really hard to keep costs reasonable with upgraded integrals unless you already are a big hardware OEM or give a giant order to one. Therefore, we couldn’t make changes on the shell of the laptop.

We don’t want to promise more than we can deliver unlike many other crowdfunding campaigns out there. If we reach our goal, you’ll all get a product that works as described at the minimum. On the other hand, replacing one of the USB ports with a USB Type-C port is our first stretch goal that can probably be achieved when we pass the $500,000 mark. We might even be able to replace the display with a higher resolution one if we pass the $1,000,000 mark. These are all stretch goals at the moment as we are still working towards reaching our first goal and creating a buzz around our campaign.

Any help in getting NexDock featured in big media outlets would be highly appreciated. Our media kit is at


NexDock Team